Memorandum for cooperation in public transport


On 7th October, the World Day for Decent Work, and as part of the ITF Action Week activities in support of road transport, by an initiative of FTTUB at the offices of Sofia Municipality a Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between FTTUB, as a member of ITF, and Sofia Municipality and the two municipal transport companies ‘Urban Mobility Centre’ and ‘Electrotransport’, as members of the International Association for Public Transport (UITP).

Ms Ekaterina Yordanova signed the Memorandum on behalf of FTTUB; on behalf of the municipality – the deputy mayor in charge of transport and communications, Mr. Hristov, and for the companies – their executive directors Mr. Arnaudov and Mr. Ganchev. The document was also supported by the management of “Sofia municipal auto transport”  – Mr Monov, and “Metropoliten” – Mr. Bratoev. The meeting was also attended by Daniela Zlatkova, Executive Secretary FTTUB and Road and Rail transport expert, as well as by the leaders of FTTUB union structures in the companies: Ms Emilia Ivanova, Ms Iskra Angelova, and Mr Bozhidar Danchev.

Memo on cooperation_supporting Memo of ITF and UITP-2

With this Memorandum social partners acknowledged the important contribution public transport makes for sustainable urban development and the progress of society, by stimulating the local economy, protecting the environment and alleviating traffic congestion, but mostly by offering mobility to all citizens regardless of their social status, gender or age.

The parties agreed to work actively and closely to achieve in Bulgaria the objectives and implement the activities identified in the Memorandum of Understanding between the ITF and UITP, signed in Brussels on 03.12.2013, by:
»Encouraging public investment in public transport;
»Providing high work standards and quality training for employees;
»Developing anti-discrimination policies to ensure equal opportunities and fairness in the workplace.

“This is the first memorandum of this kind, resulting from social dialogue in urban transport. However, by signing it we, as social partners and members of ITF, and the representatives of the municipality and its transport companies – members of UITP, are consolidating the good practices that already exist in the development of public transport in Sofia “- said Ekaterina Yordanova.