European Trade Union Federations demand high standards on health and safety for urban bus drivers

At the occasion of the ETF Urban Public Transport Committee meeting on 21 April 2015 in Brussels, the European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) and IndustriAll European Trade Union have issued their joint declaration, calling for high standards for the urban bus drivers’ workplace. Прочети още

ÖGB succeeded in pushing through important tax reforms for workers

Last year, the Austrian Trade Union Federation (ÖGB) launched a campaign calling for a massive tax reform in Austria. Last week the Austrian government finally agreed on a tax reform very much in the line of the campaign of the Austrian Trade Unions, “Lohnsteuer runter”.

 The Austrian government reacted to the public campaign and proposals made by the trade unions. The ÖGB mobilised large parts of the labour movement for the campaign over the last months and collected more than 880.000 signatures demanding the reduction of income tax rates. After long negotiations within the Austrian government, supported by the experts of the trade unions, the outcome is a huge success for the labour movement as a whole. Прочети още

Memorandum for cooperation in public transport


On 7th October, the World Day for Decent Work, and as part of the ITF Action Week activities in support of road transport, by an initiative of FTTUB at the offices of Sofia Municipality a Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between FTTUB, as a member of ITF, and Sofia Municipality and the two municipal transport companies ‘Urban Mobility Centre’ and ‘Electrotransport’, as members of the International Association for Public Transport (UITP). Прочети още

FTTUB starts the ITF Action Week on a powerful note


Оn 6th October FTTUB kicked off its ITF Action Week activities with a successful meeting at the Ministry of Transport, Information technologies and Communications. FTTUB’s delegation featured Ekaterina Yordanova, President FTTUB; Daniela Zlatkova, Executive Secretary FTTUB, Road transport and Railways expert; Antonia Panayotova, Civil aviation expert; Mila Nikolova, Water transport expert; Sasho Aleksov, chairman of BRU at NRIC and BSR, and Ivelina Kachakova, member of the Executive Board of ETF Civil Aviation section. Minister Nikolina Angelkova participated Прочети още

Up to 95% from salaries saved from companies in the transport area


If a transport company hires a subcontractor under the “mailbox principle” for instance in Bulgaria, the same company might save up to 90-95% from salaries or social benefits. To this conclusion came the European Transport Federation’s survey conducted together with the FTTUB. The survey was presented yesterday, 13th of August on the 43rd ITF congress in Sofia.

The main conclusion of the survey is that the subcontracting companies have the habit of not organizing their main activities in the country where they conduct their businesses, thus avoiding the requirements of the labour law in the country. Прочети още

Ekaterina Yordanova’s meeting with the Executive Director of the Road Administration – Dimitar Ganev

On 18.12.2013 the President of FTTUB Ekaterina Yordanova and Daniela Zlatkova, Executive Secretary, met with the Executive Director of the Road Administration – Dimitar Ganev, regarding a signal from FTTUB for the rowdy Dutch situation with Bulgarian truck drivers.
Bulgarian drivers employed at minimum wages from Bulgarian company, but working in the Netherlands under very bad and precarious working conditions, contacted FTTUB for assistance at the end of November. After more than a week stay in Roosendaal, the Netherland, with no job and no payment the drivers contacted the Dutch employer who told them that there’s no resources for fuel and no orders for execution. Прочети още

ETF campaigns for a social package of legislative measures in road transport

On 30 March, the ETF revealed at a press conference the measures the European Commission is currently evaluating with the view to include them in the upcoming Road Initiative, a legislative package supposed to be launched in only 2 months. The message of the ETF is clear: drivers cannot work or drive longer hours and rest for less without becoming a real and unwilling threat for their own safety, for the safety of their passengers, for the safety of other road users. ETF called the bundle of measures ‘a way to legalise social dumping’ and pointed out to the fact that the sector will become even less attractive for young people. Прочети още